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Upgrading Your System

The Benefits of Converting to a Newer Model When should you replace your garage door system? Most garage door systems manufactured in the previous century typically last about 20-25 years. If your home was built prior to the 90s chances are that you are in need of a new garage door system. A system conversion […]

Garage Door Security

Protect Your Home When You’re Not There You locked the doors, closed the windows, left the hallway light on and even asked your neighbor to check in on the house from time to time and still, someone was able to break in and steal or destroy your valued possessions. This is a story we hear […]

Garage Door Accessories

Many different types of  garage door accessories let us explain it here for you The Must-Haves These days they have an app that does everything. One of the most important spaces in your home shouldn’t be left behind in the previous century. If there are systems that can alarm your Smart Phone in the event that the […]

Garage Conversions

The Ultimate Man Cave Experience There’s no place like a man cave: the ultimate expression of masculinity and exclusivity. Over the years, men, young and old, have convened in these sanctified spaces, exploring their inner most child-like desires: Larger-than-life televisions, secret passageways, hidden rooms, music/art studios, home theaters, a bar, pool table and fireplace, leather-bound […]

Bypass Garage Doors

The Coolest Garage Doors on the Market Chances are that if you live in the Las Vegas area you have either seen or needed a Sliding or Bypass door. If you are unfamiliar, a sliding garage door does not open like a conventional garage does: instead of opening straight up or out and up, the door […]