Sectional Garage Doors

Sectional Garage Doors

garage door repair las vegasSectional doors are comparable to other styles of doors, at least dimensional, however they do have significant advantages over, say, single panel and roller doors. Sectional doors don’t require space in front of the door to opener like single panel doors do. That makes them perfect for metropolitan residences and commercial applications. Additionally, each panel is individual connected to the track. This significantly decreases your door’s chances of having to be replaced in case of minor damage.

Sectional doors are constructed in panels or sections. It is not uncommon for a sectional door to be 3 panels or up to 9 and can be constructed from variety of materials:


Sectional doors are constructed of 3-8 panels and travel upwards and to rest overhead. Sectional doors occupy the same amount of space as a single panel or roller door but have two advantages over those doors:

  • Sectional doors don’t require space outside the garage to travel. You may park as close to the garage as you want.
  • Each panel of the door has its own connection to the door track, increasing reliability.

Garage doors can be constructed out of various materials, but steel, aluminum, wood, glass, and vinyl are the most popular.

Wood/Glass doors

  • Aesthetically superior
  • Requires significant maintenance
  • Considerably more expensive
  • May warp/break over time, naturally


  • Most popular
  • Very Strong
  • Most insulating options
  • Can realistically imitate wood
  • Less expensive then wood, more expensive than steel


  • Low-cost
  • Lightweight
  • Rust-proof
  • Requires little maintenance
  • Not very strong (dents easily)
  • energy-inefficient

Steel doors

  • Strongest Option
  • cost-competitive
  • Additional insulating options for heavier garage doors


Garage doors with broken parts can create potential hazards. A falling garage door can cause severe injury or death. Moving parts create pinching hazards. If safety equipment is malfunctioning you may need to replace your opener immediately. Sensors should be installed a maximum of 6” above the ground. Many injuries and nearly all related property damage, can be avoided by checking the functionality of your safety sensors regularly.Springs and certain brackets are under extreme tension. Injuries can occur if parts are improperly removed. Spring systems should always be restrained by a safety cable.

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Upgrading Your System

The Benefits of Converting to a Newer Model

When should you replace your garage door system? Most garage door systems manufactured in the previous century typically last about 20-25 years. If your home was built prior to the 90s chances are that you are in need of a new garage door system. A system conversion can be a big ticket item and one should take in every consideration when determining if replacing your existing is the best option for you.

Why Upgrading?

Newer systems are quieter than existing models. Recent design innovations now allow you to operate you garage door system producing nothing more than a quiet hum. No more loud announcements every times someone gets home. Sneak off for midnight snacks much more stealthily. las vegas garage door repair service satisfaction guaranteed

Newer systems look better than existing models. We know this shouldn’t play that huge of a role in deciding to upgrade your system but no one can deny that a brand new system would look much more impressive than the old clunker you’ve got now. Opener designs have changed to include more aesthetic choices. Make sure your garage looks as up to date as possible!

Upgrading your system to a newer model can also lower your electric bill. Not only do newer systems use less electricity but advances in insulation and weatherproofing technologies now also help directly control the temperature in your home and garage reducing how often your AC or Heater need to activate.

Newer models have newer safety features like sensors which prevent your door from closing on your vehicle or loved one. Some of the newest systems even have laser guided parking sensors that help you properly park in your garage. The Craftsman 1 HP Belt Drive Opener with the Assureline Gateway ($250-$350) is a fully integrated system that operates smoothly and quietly, and connects wirelessly to all of your devices allowing you to control, monitor, and grant access to your garage from anywhere in the world! If you haven’t already, check out our Accessories blog for a review of various products designed to make your garage door work more efficiently and cost-effectively.

Newer garage door models have newer security features that existing models do not. There are tons of apps that allow you to add a new level of security for your garage. MiDoor ($199), MyQGarage($30-$130), GoGoGate ($99), Asante ($195-$250) are just a few options available for newer doors that add security to your garage door reducing your risk of burglary and keeping your family safe. If you haven’t already, check out our Accessories blog for a review of various products designed to secure your garage door.

Another major pro of upgrading your system is that newer models actually require maintenance less often. In recent years there have been design changes in doors to include various features that prevent common issues that usually cost homeowners hundreds of dollars to repair. Some of these innovations include weatherproof paint to prevent fading, galvanized tracks to prevent rust, and Smart Phone programs that report any changes in your door’s systems.


Finally, upgrading your garage door system will increase the value of your home. If you are about to put your house on the market again, not only will upgrading your door raise the value of your home but act as an added incentive to potential buyers. The newer and more updated your home is the more likely you are to sell it.


Garage Door Security

Protect Your Home When You’re Not There

You locked the doors, closed the windows, left the hallway light on and even asked your neighbor to check in on the house from time to time and still, someone was able to break in and steal or destroy your valued possessions. This is a story we hear all too often. Even when you have done everything right, wrong can happen in so many ways. That’s why here at D&L we encourage our clients to seriously consider these following steps when leaving town or plan to be away from your home for an extended period of time:

Bar, Cover, and Lock Your Windows

If your garage has windows it might not be a bad idea to install bars on the interior side to prevent anyone simply smashing their way in. Take it a step further and put up some blinds or curtains to conceal any valuables in the garage. Also, don’t forget to simply lock your windows. If you have a sliding window a stop bar helps prevent the window from being opened from the outside.garage door repair service las vegas service area

Turn Your Opener Off

That’s right! These days, thieves are more tech savvy than ever. Some have the capability to locate and steal your opener codes even on newer models which use a rotating frequency (the same tech can be used to steal the codes sent from your key FOB to your car, granting them access when they want). The only way to prevent your garage being accessed via this process, is to disconnect your opener from its power source. That easy. They can have all the opener codes they want but if the opener isn’t on they can’t use them.

Purchase Quality Locks

Nothing says security like a good lock. If your garage door doesn’t already have a lock on it, installing one is not that difficult. You can do it yourself but if you really want to make sure someone won’t be able to break in, you’ll want a professional to install it.

Monitor Your Garage

There are tons of apps that allow you to add a new level of security for your garage. MiDoor ($199) keeps a log of when your garage door opens and closes which is helpful if you need to see when your garage was accessed. MyQGarage ($30-$130) and GoGoGate ($99) let you remotely monitor your garage door via a small camera. You can watch real-time video from your smartphone from anywhere there’s internet. Asante ($195-$250) is another great system that allows you to monitor your garage door in real-time but also offers the additional feature of infrared, allowing you to check in even at night. If you haven’t already, read our blog on Garage Door Accessories for a review of various garage door programs to help properly secure your home.

Garage Door Accessories

Many different types of  garage door accessories let us explain it here for you

The Must-Haves

These days they have an app that does everything. One of the most important spaces in your home shouldn’t be left behind in the previous century. If there are systems that can alarm your Smart Phone in the event that the refrigerator door is left open, why should you be able to control and monitor your garage door remotely? Well, you can. Actually, you can do a lot more than that. Here are a few products that will help bring your home into the modern area.
There are tons of Iphone and Android apps that let you control, monitor, and grant access to your garage from virtually anywhere in the world. Lift, Insteon ($100-$200), andMyDoorOpener ($30-$50) are a few inexpensive options if all you are looking for is simple control over opening and closing your door. If you want to take it a step further,MiDoor ($199)keeps a logof when your garage door opens and closes which is helpful if security is a consideration for you. Open-Me is a pretty cool system which automatically opens your door when you approach it allowing hands-free control of your garage.
MyQGarage ($30-$130) and GoGoGate ($99) let you remotely monitor your garage door via a small camera. You can watch real-time video from your smartphone from anywhere there’s internet. Asante ($195-$250) is another great system that allows you to monitor your garage door in real-time but also offers the additional feature of infrared, allowing you to check in even at night. Quirky Ascend ($90), Garageio ($199-$219) and Open Sesame ($49-$69)give you the ability to give access to your garage to other people that you designate (Like your family and friends, or whoever…). Say you need a friend to stop by your house to pick up that certain something you forgot: just open the app, add the user and they now have access to your palace. Garage Mate ($49.95)does some the same thing and is the cheapest option but hangs from your opener with its wires out….GarageBeaconalso allows you to grant access to people you designate but tracks who opens it by allowing you to assign different passcodes to each user but sadly will not be available until some unannounced date as they are currently trying to make it compatible with the Apple Watch.
Z-Wave ($80 – $120)is a phenomenal system that allows you to retrofit any existing system into a smart system but doesn’t offer much in security. If you would prefer to buy a new system rather than retrofit your old one, the Craftsman 1 HP Belt Drive Opener with the Assureline Gateway ($250-$350) is a fullyintegrated system that operatessmoothly and quietly, and connects wirelessly to all of your devices.

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And just in case you haven’t hopped on the smart phone bandwagon just yet doesn’t mean you’re out of options either. Garage Door Guardian ($20-$30) and Garage Butler ($20-$40) are systems that work on a timer. You never have to worry if you forgot to close the door again.
If you’re looking to free up space in your garage you might tryMyLifter ($199), another smart system that allows you to hoist up to 100lbs with your smartphone.
If you’re parking challenged, try finding a laser guided system compatible with your opener. The most common is the Chamberlain CLULP1 ($15-$35) which uses a laser to alarm you when you should stop by turning your garage red. The ParkRight Dual Garage Parking system ($20-$30) is great for multiple-car garages. Of course if you don’t have a pretty penny to blow on such extravagance but still need help parking, you could simply purchase a parking mat ($20). It has raised edges so you can feel when you’ve hit the spot. And no garage would be complete without the Wibou car protection system which sits in your garage and alerts your smart phone if your car is tampered with.
Other garage accessories to consider especially if you are accident-proned or clumsy are bumper and wall guards ($15-$50) that protect your car and garage from damage when parking and opening your car door. Battery backup systems ($20-$100) allow you to operate your garage door even when the power to your home is out and many manufacturers sell them for various popular brands. Mini remote control openers ($5-$35) are super helpful for those who need access to the garage when not driving. It is a garage door opener remote small enough to fit on your key chain. Though of course, wireless exterior keypads ($20-$520) keep all of the control directly at the door and are helpful when your garage has no other access door. And finally, though technically not a garage accessory, Tile ($22-$32) is a key finding system that tracks your car and house keys on your smart phone. Never lose them again!

Garage Conversions

The Ultimate Man Cave Experience

There’s no place like a man cave: the ultimate expression of masculinity and exclusivity. Over the years, men, young and old, have convened in these sanctified spaces, exploring their inner most child-like desires: Larger-than-life televisions, secret passageways, hidden rooms, music/art studios, home theaters, a bar, pool table and fireplace, leather-bound library, hot tub, the list goes on…

What is a man cave, exactly? Simply put, it’s the one room in the home where the men of the house can escape from the everyday stresses of the outside world, play video games, have band practice, shoot pool, darts, & the proverbial poo. It’s refuge in style. Men have, for years, undergone ambitious and elaborate projects that have ended with regal examples of supreme leisure: Home movie theaters with a built in bar, hot tub, steam room, and private kitchen, all hidden behind a secret door.

garage door repair las vegas

But what to do if you’re not Bruce Wayne? Who really has the kind of money it would take build a runway to your house so you could park your 747 in your garage? Well men of all income levels have been asking this question for years, and they have come up with a solution: garage conversions. A garage is considered by some to be one of the most under-utilized spaces of a house. By converting your garage into a man cave, you are effectively adding another room to the house, a new room to which you can design specifically to every spectacular whim and desire you have.

Yes, it will cost you some dough, but if you’re committed to building your own man cave you can try to save as much money as you can by purchasing materials in bulk or searching for second-hand furniture (Craigslist Free Section?). Some internet users have posted their building process, revealing how they were able to convert old storage lockers into bathrooms and cooking utensils into light fixtures, etc. Get creative! Some man cave enthusiasts have installed false walls and secret doorways giving their man cave mystery, exclusivity, and privacy. False walls and secret doorways also provide an extra level of protection against theft; you may be arranging several expensive items (TVs, electronics, instruments, etc) all in one space, a thief’s dream come true. But what if they can’t find it?

The point is, your man cave should represent who you are as a man. If you love watching movies, convert your garage into a small theater with a popcorn machine and surround sound system. If you’re a sports fan: several TV’s to watch the various games that play at the same time, pool table, keg and tap? Like to read? Turn your garage into the most comfortable library with comfy chairs, tall bookshelves lined with volumes, dim lamps, a whiskey bar neatly hidden inside of an old globe. You get the idea.

Bypass Garage Doors

The Coolest Garage Doors on the Market

Chances are that if you live in the Las Vegas area you have either seen or needed a Sliding or Bypass door. If you are unfamiliar, a sliding garage door does not open like a conventional garage does: instead of opening straight up or out and up, the door slides in sections to the side. This system is preferable to houses in tightly constructed neighborhoods where the homes are so close to the sidewalk or street that a protruding garage door at any time of the day would be problematic. A majority of consumers who purchase bypass garage doors get them for that reason. Others, have them installed for a much less utilitarian cause: It looks cool.  las vegas garage door repair service satisfaction guaranteed

Although it has been standard practice to design the garage door to supplement the look of the home, some homes are more unique than others. Take for example the familiar round shape of the homes in the San Francisco bay area or those of the historic Boston suburbs. No standard garage door could possibly supplement slender, multi-story homes. That is why some manufacturers have begun designing doors that are U-shaped and focus more on the shape of the home. When you drive up, two panels collapse folding them to the right and the smaller left panel moves over to allow you enough room to drive in.

Even if you don’t own a uniquely-shaped home, bypass doors can be made in a variety of shapes, sizes and styles. Primarily, just like carriage doors, their main purpose is aesthetics: They make your home look nice. Bypass doors are cool and futuristic. They’re great if you’re a car collector or if you recently converted your garage into a man cave or extra bedroom. It’s like having a wall that opens like a window. Of course, they work great if you simply need more room. You definitely have to take time to do a simple internet search, you won’t be disappointed.

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