Garage Door Maintenance Tips

Most garage door repairs would be unnecessary if homeowners took better care of their garage doors. Something as simple as lubricating your parts could add years of life to your system. Of course Las Vegas Garage Door Repair Service don’t recommend you attempt any repairs yourself as there are various ways to seriously injure or kill yourself however, we can give you a few garage door maintenance tips on how to take care of your door so we don’t have to. Garage Door Maintenance Las Vegas Nevada

Garage Door Maintenance Tips – What and How To Do It

Examine the door. Wood doors will need to be examined for warping, as well as chipped or peeling paint. Steel doors may accumulate rust. We recommend washing your garage door with an all-purpose cleaner every time you wash your car.

Check the tracks on both sides of the door and clear debris.Use a level to check the plumb. Major adjustments to your tracks should be done by one of our Licensed Repair Specialist.

Test the mechanical feature by placing a solid object (like a piece of wood or a crate) on the ground in the path of the door. When the door touches that object it should reverse direction. If your opener is older 20 years, it may lack this basic safety feature.

Test the photoelectric system by closing your door and obstructing the safety sensors. Your door should reverse.If your opener is older 20 years, it may lack this basic safety feature.

Never attempt to repair/replace high-tension cables because they under enough tension to seriously injure and kill. You should, however, check their condition regularly. Check for strands and damage.

Greaseyour opener’s chain or screw. Lubricate your springs. Keeping your garage door parts properly lubricated up will add years of dependability to your system.

Replace weather stripping. Weatherstripping is sold at most hardware and home improvement stores. Cut to size and insert into the grooves inside the door.

Inspect rollers twice a year and replace every 5-6 years. You should replace them sooner if you use your garage door frequently.

Disconnect the opener by pulling the release handle (the dangling red cord), manually negotiate the door about halfway up the track. If it continues to travel unassisted, your counterweight system is improperly balanced. You’re going to want to have one of our Licensed Repair Specialists take a look at that.

Examine and tighten all brackets and bolts with a socket wrench.

Monitor your garage door while in use. Make note of any inconsistencies in performance.

It Can Be

Something as simple as lubricating your parts can add years to your system. It’s less expensive then paying for repairs and replacements down the road and it only takes a few minutes a year. By all means, never attempt a repair on your own, call for a licensed professional when you need one. For more Garage Door Maintenance Tips we can help 24/7 Just Call (702) 850-8177