Bypass Garage Doors

The Coolest Garage Doors on the Market

Chances are that if you live in the Las Vegas area you have either seen or needed a Sliding or Bypass door. If you are unfamiliar, a sliding garage door does not open like a conventional garage does: instead of opening straight up or out and up, the door slides in sections to the side. This system is preferable to houses in tightly constructed neighborhoods where the homes are so close to the sidewalk or street that a protruding garage door at any time of the day would be problematic. A majority of consumers who purchase bypass garage doors get them for that reason. Others, have them installed for a much less utilitarian cause: It looks cool.  las vegas garage door repair service satisfaction guaranteed

Although it has been standard practice to design the garage door to supplement the look of the home, some homes are more unique than others. Take for example the familiar round shape of the homes in the San Francisco bay area or those of the historic Boston suburbs. No standard garage door could possibly supplement slender, multi-story homes. That is why some manufacturers have begun designing doors that are U-shaped and focus more on the shape of the home. When you drive up, two panels collapse folding them to the right and the smaller left panel moves over to allow you enough room to drive in.

Even if you don’t own a uniquely-shaped home, bypass doors can be made in a variety of shapes, sizes and styles. Primarily, just like carriage doors, their main purpose is aesthetics: They make your home look nice. Bypass doors are cool and futuristic. They’re great if you’re a car collector or if you recently converted your garage into a man cave or extra bedroom. It’s like having a wall that opens like a window. Of course, they work great if you simply need more room. You definitely have to take time to do a simple internet search, you won’t be disappointed.

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