Garage Conversions

The Ultimate Man Cave Experience

There’s no place like a man cave: the ultimate expression of masculinity and exclusivity. Over the years, men, young and old, have convened in these sanctified spaces, exploring their inner most child-like desires: Larger-than-life televisions, secret passageways, hidden rooms, music/art studios, home theaters, a bar, pool table and fireplace, leather-bound library, hot tub, the list goes on…

What is a man cave, exactly? Simply put, it’s the one room in the home where the men of the house can escape from the everyday stresses of the outside world, play video games, have band practice, shoot pool, darts, & the proverbial poo. It’s refuge in style. Men have, for years, undergone ambitious and elaborate projects that have ended with regal examples of supreme leisure: Home movie theaters with a built in bar, hot tub, steam room, and private kitchen, all hidden behind a secret door.

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But what to do if you’re not Bruce Wayne? Who really has the kind of money it would take build a runway to your house so you could park your 747 in your garage? Well men of all income levels have been asking this question for years, and they have come up with a solution: garage conversions. A garage is considered by some to be one of the most under-utilized spaces of a house. By converting your garage into a man cave, you are effectively adding another room to the house, a new room to which you can design specifically to every spectacular whim and desire you have.

Yes, it will cost you some dough, but if you’re committed to building your own man cave you can try to save as much money as you can by purchasing materials in bulk or searching for second-hand furniture (Craigslist Free Section?). Some internet users have posted their building process, revealing how they were able to convert old storage lockers into bathrooms and cooking utensils into light fixtures, etc. Get creative! Some man cave enthusiasts have installed false walls and secret doorways giving their man cave mystery, exclusivity, and privacy. False walls and secret doorways also provide an extra level of protection against theft; you may be arranging several expensive items (TVs, electronics, instruments, etc) all in one space, a thief’s dream come true. But what if they can’t find it?

The point is, your man cave should represent who you are as a man. If you love watching movies, convert your garage into a small theater with a popcorn machine and surround sound system. If you’re a sports fan: several TV’s to watch the various games that play at the same time, pool table, keg and tap? Like to read? Turn your garage into the most comfortable library with comfy chairs, tall bookshelves lined with volumes, dim lamps, a whiskey bar neatly hidden inside of an old globe. You get the idea.