Garage Door Security

Protect Your Home When You’re Not There

You locked the doors, closed the windows, left the hallway light on and even asked your neighbor to check in on the house from time to time and still, someone was able to break in and steal or destroy your valued possessions. This is a story we hear all too often. Even when you have done everything right, wrong can happen in so many ways. That’s why here at D&L we encourage our clients to seriously consider these following steps when leaving town or plan to be away from your home for an extended period of time:

Bar, Cover, and Lock Your Windows

If your garage has windows it might not be a bad idea to install bars on the interior side to prevent anyone simply smashing their way in. Take it a step further and put up some blinds or curtains to conceal any valuables in the garage. Also, don’t forget to simply lock your windows. If you have a sliding window a stop bar helps prevent the window from being opened from the outside.garage door repair service las vegas service area

Turn Your Opener Off

That’s right! These days, thieves are more tech savvy than ever. Some have the capability to locate and steal your opener codes even on newer models which use a rotating frequency (the same tech can be used to steal the codes sent from your key FOB to your car, granting them access when they want). The only way to prevent your garage being accessed via this process, is to disconnect your opener from its power source. That easy. They can have all the opener codes they want but if the opener isn’t on they can’t use them.

Purchase Quality Locks

Nothing says security like a good lock. If your garage door doesn’t already have a lock on it, installing one is not that difficult. You can do it yourself but if you really want to make sure someone won’t be able to break in, you’ll want a professional to install it.

Monitor Your Garage

There are tons of apps that allow you to add a new level of security for your garage. MiDoor ($199) keeps a log of when your garage door opens and closes which is helpful if you need to see when your garage was accessed. MyQGarage ($30-$130) and GoGoGate ($99) let you remotely monitor your garage door via a small camera. You can watch real-time video from your smartphone from anywhere there’s internet. Asante ($195-$250) is another great system that allows you to monitor your garage door in real-time but also offers the additional feature of infrared, allowing you to check in even at night. If you haven’t already, read our blog on Garage Door Accessories for a review of various garage door programs to help properly secure your home.