Sectional Garage Doors

Sectional Garage Doors

garage door repair las vegasSectional doors are comparable to other styles of doors, at least dimensional, however they do have significant advantages over, say, single panel and roller doors. Sectional doors don’t require space in front of the door to opener like single panel doors do. That makes them perfect for metropolitan residences and commercial applications. Additionally, each panel is individual connected to the track. This significantly decreases your door’s chances of having to be replaced in case of minor damage.

Sectional doors are constructed in panels or sections. It is not uncommon for a sectional door to be 3 panels or up to 9 and can be constructed from variety of materials:


Sectional doors are constructed of 3-8 panels and travel upwards and to rest overhead. Sectional doors occupy the same amount of space as a single panel or roller door but have two advantages over those doors:

  • Sectional doors don’t require space outside the garage to travel. You may park as close to the garage as you want.
  • Each panel of the door has its own connection to the door track, increasing reliability.

Garage doors can be constructed out of various materials, but steel, aluminum, wood, glass, and vinyl are the most popular.

Wood/Glass doors

  • Aesthetically superior
  • Requires significant maintenance
  • Considerably more expensive
  • May warp/break over time, naturally


  • Most popular
  • Very Strong
  • Most insulating options
  • Can realistically imitate wood
  • Less expensive then wood, more expensive than steel


  • Low-cost
  • Lightweight
  • Rust-proof
  • Requires little maintenance
  • Not very strong (dents easily)
  • energy-inefficient

Steel doors

  • Strongest Option
  • cost-competitive
  • Additional insulating options for heavier garage doors


Garage doors with broken parts can create potential hazards. A falling garage door can cause severe injury or death. Moving parts create pinching hazards. If safety equipment is malfunctioning you may need to replace your opener immediately. Sensors should be installed a maximum of 6” above the ground. Many injuries and nearly all related property damage, can be avoided by checking the functionality of your safety sensors regularly.Springs and certain brackets are under extreme tension. Injuries can occur if parts are improperly removed. Spring systems should always be restrained by a safety cable.

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