Upgrading Your System

The Benefits of Converting to a Newer Model

When should you replace your garage door system? Most garage door systems manufactured in the previous century typically last about 20-25 years. If your home was built prior to the 90s chances are that you are in need of a new garage door system. A system conversion can be a big ticket item and one should take in every consideration when determining if replacing your existing is the best option for you.

Why Upgrading?

Newer systems are quieter than existing models. Recent design innovations now allow you to operate you garage door system producing nothing more than a quiet hum. No more loud announcements every times someone gets home. Sneak off for midnight snacks much more stealthily. las vegas garage door repair service satisfaction guaranteed

Newer systems look better than existing models. We know this shouldn’t play that huge of a role in deciding to upgrade your system but no one can deny that a brand new system would look much more impressive than the old clunker you’ve got now. Opener designs have changed to include more aesthetic choices. Make sure your garage looks as up to date as possible!

Upgrading your system to a newer model can also lower your electric bill. Not only do newer systems use less electricity but advances in insulation and weatherproofing technologies now also help directly control the temperature in your home and garage reducing how often your AC or Heater need to activate.

Newer models have newer safety features like sensors which prevent your door from closing on your vehicle or loved one. Some of the newest systems even have laser guided parking sensors that help you properly park in your garage. The Craftsman 1 HP Belt Drive Opener with the Assureline Gateway ($250-$350) is a fully integrated system that operates smoothly and quietly, and connects wirelessly to all of your devices allowing you to control, monitor, and grant access to your garage from anywhere in the world! If you haven’t already, check out our Accessories blog for a review of various products designed to make your garage door work more efficiently and cost-effectively.

Newer garage door models have newer security features that existing models do not. There are tons of apps that allow you to add a new level of security for your garage. MiDoor ($199), MyQGarage($30-$130), GoGoGate ($99), Asante ($195-$250) are just a few options available for newer doors that add security to your garage door reducing your risk of burglary and keeping your family safe. If you haven’t already, check out our Accessories blog for a review of various products designed to secure your garage door.

Another major pro of upgrading your system is that newer models actually require maintenance less often. In recent years there have been design changes in doors to include various features that prevent common issues that usually cost homeowners hundreds of dollars to repair. Some of these innovations include weatherproof paint to prevent fading, galvanized tracks to prevent rust, and Smart Phone programs that report any changes in your door’s systems.


Finally, upgrading your garage door system will increase the value of your home. If you are about to put your house on the market again, not only will upgrading your door raise the value of your home but act as an added incentive to potential buyers. The newer and more updated your home is the more likely you are to sell it.