Garage Door Parts Las Vegas

Las Vegas Garage Door Repair Service offer the widest selection of replacement garage door parts! D&L warranties all parts and service (for more information please ask your technician). Although there are some parts that we cannot sell to the general public for liability reason, we can replace almost any part for all brands of doors.

Call Garage Door Parts Las Vegas service immediately if you are need of any of the following

Garage Door  Openers
• Garage Door Opener Remotes
• Garage Door Opener keypads
• Garage Door Safety Sensors
• Garage Door Latches
• Garage Door Struts
Garage Door Tracks
Garage Door Rollers
Garage Door Springs
• Garage Door Drums
Garage Door Cables
Garage Door Panels
• Garage Door Hinges
• Garage Door Brackets
• Garage Door Bearings
• And More!
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Garage Door Parts Las Vegas Service 25-Point Inspection

To determine the cause of any malfunction or damage and any appropriate action to be taken, our technicians will perform our Signature 25-point inspection:
1. Alignment and condition of tracks
2. Condition of Shaft
3. Brackets
4. Cable Drums
5. Panel and section
6. Forks
7. Roller lubrication
8. Hinge lubrication
9. Safety Cables
10. Center Bearing
11. Pulley System
12. Balance
13. Struts
14. Torsion Center Plate and Spring Anchor
15. End Bearing Plates
16. Springs
17. Cables
18. Weather Seals
19. Remote Controls, control panels, & Key-less Entry Systems
20. Rails, Chains, and Trolley
21. Safety Sensors
22. Opener Motor and Gears
23. Electrical wiring
24. Limit Switch and Safety Reverse
25. Opener Screws

Garage Door Parts Las Vegas Professionals

Our Garage Door Parts Las Vegas professionals will inspect your door and provide you with your options for repair or replacement. Because our technicians arrive fully stocked, we can usually repair or replace within the same visit. With us, you can expect an exact estimate, upfront from one of our licensed technicians, prior to any services provided. We provide service 24/7 which means there is NO ADDITIONAL CHARGE FOR LATE NIGHT OR EARLY MORNING SERVICE REQUESTS. Additionally, we will match our competitors’ deals. For basic pricing information, please call (702) 850-8177

Call today to set up an appointment to have one of our licensed technicians repair or replace your garage door rollers! (702) 850-8177

Can Be Dangerous Without Us

Remember, fixing a garage door is a dangerous job. Some garage door parts are under extreme tension and require certain safety precautions. Research and understand the risks before beginning any repair. Failure to do so may result in property damage, personal injury or even death. Your health and safety are the most important aspects of any home project and no amount of savings is worth risking your safety. Even when you take every precaution accidents can still happen which is why we always recommend you let a professional handle your garage door needs. Garage Door Parts Las Vegas Service located at Las Vegas, Nevada, so we can serve you as soon as possible!