New Garage Door Installation Las Vegas by D&L is the most reliable service in Las Vegas, Nevada, offering the most reasonable prices and providing service 24/7. We work on all brands and models of doors and only use the highest quality parts  while still offering you the lowest price we can. Our technicians are thoroughly and rigorously trained to insure that only the most reliable, trustworthy professionals work on your door.

Repair or Replace???

Obviously, repairing your door is almost always going to be cheaper than replacing, however, it may sometimes be your only option. Knowing when to repair your garage door versus replacing can save your hundreds of dollars.

New Garage Door Installation Las Vegas – What is this going to cost???

New Garage door  can be expensive and time consuming. We are committed to offering the highest quality of service in the industry at the lowest available prices in Las Vegas, NV. However, there are many factors that can affect the cost of new door:
• Installation issues
• Overall difficulty of installation
• Additional or upgraded parts
• Size, make, model, & type of door

Our repair professionals will perform our Signature 25-Point Inspection and provide you with your options for repair or replacement. Because our technicians arrive fully stocked, we can usually repair or replace within the same visit. With us, you can expect an exact estimate, upfront from one of our licensed professionals, prior to any services provided. We provide service 24/7 which means there is NO ADDITIONAL CHARGE FOR LATE NIGHT OR EARLY MORNING SERVICE REQUESTS. Additionally, we will match our competitors’ deals. For pricing information, please call now!

What Do You Have???

It helps to know precisely what kind of garage door you have. Garage doors come in a variety of types and materials, each that have their own advantages and varying degrees in pricing. The perfect garage door will complement the aesthetic appearance of your house while offering you the most protection, efficiency, energy savings, and the lowest maintenance costs. Here is a list of the many different kinds of residential garage doors as well as the materials they may be constructed from: New Garage Door Installation Las Vegas

Single Panel Garage Doors
• Constructed from one Panel
• Hinge on both sides

Sectional Garage Doors
• Constructed of three to nine panels
• Opens by sliding up and overhead
• Each panel has its own connection to the track

Roller Doors
• Usually constructed of corrugated steel, sometimes corrugated fiberglass
• Opens by rolling straight up

Carriage Doors
• Constructed of two panels
• Hinges on both sides

Garage Door Materials
• Steel – Very Common, Cost-Competitive, Very Strong Impact Resistance
• Aluminum – Cheap, Light, Low-Maintenance
• Wood – High Aesthetic Value, Strong Impact Resistance
• Fiberglass – High Quality Material, Strong Impact Resistance
• Vinyl – High Quality Material, Strong Impact Resistance
• Insulation – Prevents overheating and freezing problems

It helps to know what kind of door you want and need BEFORE you buy it!


Remember, fixing a garage door is a dangerous job. Some garage door parts are under extreme tension and require specific safety precautions. Research and understand the risks before beginning any repair. Failure to do so may result in property damage, personal injury or even death. Your health and safety are the most important parts of any home project and no amount of savings is worth risking your safety. Even when you take every precaution accidents can still happen which is why we always recommend you let a professional handle you garage door needs.
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